'Women for Kim' Holds First Event in Marlboro


On Wednesday evening, 'Women for Kim' held their inaugural event in Marlboro, bringing hundreds of supporters together from across New Jersey to kick off their efforts to elect Kim Guadagno as governor.

At the event, Guadagno thanked the coalition for their support. The group will hold events across New Jersey in the coming weeks and months to drive Kim Guadagno's message of creating a better state for working families and recruit more women to support Kim Guadagno's campaign.

"As a working parent, proud military mom, former prosecutor and sheriff, Kim Guadagno is the right woman to lead the state of New Jersey. Over the past 7 years, her leadership skills have been on full display as our first lieutenant governor, reaching out to the business community and helping to attract thousands of jobs to the Garden State.” - Hackettstown Mayor Maria DiGiovanni

"Kim Guadagno is a problem solver. She gives her cell phone number out to help real New Jerseyans - not the powerful special interests - cut through red tape in state government. She will bring that same approach to the governor’s office and fight to make our state better for hardworking taxpayers.” - Hamilton Twp Mayor Kelly Yaede

"Kim has the best plan to actually make our state more affordable for everyday working people. She knows Trenton must spend less and will audit state government from top to bottom to make sure our money is being spent wisely. We need more women like Kim Guadagno working to solve problems in Trenton.” - Monmouth County Freeholder/LD13 Assembly Candidate Serena DiMaso

"Unlike Phil Murphy, Kim comes from a working class background that taught her the importance of a dollar. She understands how hard it is to raise a family in New Jersey today. She’ll stop the ridiculous plan to spend $300 million to renovate the State House and instead focus on things to make life better for taxpayers and hardworking families.” - Hamilton Twp Councilwoman/LD14 Senate Candidate Ileana Schirmer

"Kim’s priorities are the right priorities for New Jersey. I like that she wants to focus on pocketbook issues like lowering property taxes and auditing Trenton as governor so that future generations of New Jerseyans can afford to stay and live here.” - LD9 Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove