Kim Guadagno Wins Key Bergen County Republican Ballot Line

After receiving 74% of the vote at this evening's county convention, Kim Guadagno won the endorsement of the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) and secured the official Republican line on the June 6th primary ballot in the key county.

Bergen County is the second largest Republican County in the state by voter registration. Guadagno now has earned the official line or slogan in the biggest Republican counties: Ocean, Bergen, Morris and Monmouth.

"Bergen County Republicans know that our principles of lower taxes and smaller government are what will help us win against Phil Murphy and the Democrat money machine in November and make our state better," said Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. "Bergen County is one of the most important counties for any Republican running for governor, and this huge victory shows that our campaign has the energy, organization and message to win statewide."

"Kim Guadagno knows what it takes to grow jobs and help New Jersey families," said BCRO Chairman Paul DiGaetano. "As lieutenant governor, she has worked tirelessly for the people of New Jersey, giving out her cell phone number to thousands of real people to help them solve problems and stay here in New Jersey. As governor, she will continue to make the people of New Jersey her top priority, not the Trenton special interests."

To date, Guadagno has earned the official Republican Party ballot line or slogan in Bergen, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Hudson, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem and Warren counties. She has also surpassed the fundraising threshold to qualify for public matching funds.