Phil Murphy: Toll Interstates, Increase Fees, Privatize Turnpike

"He's already promised at least $1.3 billion in higher taxes, and now Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy is trying to avoid questions about adding new tolls on freeways and raising MVC fees. Murphy owes it to the people of New Jersey to reject this plan for higher and additional tolls and fees before the election, or explain why he thinks everyday New Jerseyans can afford to pay more.” Guadagno Spokesman Ricky Diaz.

Governor Florio released a report calling for adding new tolls on interstate highways like I-287, I-78 and I-295, leasing state toll roads to private or even foreign operators and raising motor vehicle fees. (Source)


Phil Murphy’s spokesman told Politico NJ that they "greatly welcome" the report. (Politico NJ, 9/13/2017)


Murphy has called for a dedicated funding stream for transportation, which he called a "multi-hundred-million dollar proposition." Murphy has not detailed how he would get the revenue needed to fund his plan, but he did not rule out a tax increase. (The Star Ledger, 5/4/2017)


Murphy also supported the 23-cent gas tax increase that Kim Guadagno opposed. (The Star Ledger, 10/28/2016; The Star Ledger, 6/13/2016)


“Phil Murphy's spending would require Jon Corzine's tolls” (Op-Ed: The Star Ledger, 9/24/2017)


The Florio plan is reminiscent of a plan floated by the last Goldman Sachs governor, Jon Corzine: Corzine once proposed a plan to privatize the Turnpike, add tolls to I-287 and bond against the tolls to raise revenue. (Op-Ed: The Star Ledger, 9/24/2017)


In the 1990s, Governor Florio passed the largest tax increase in of any state in U.S. history at the time. His $2.8 billion tax increase remains the largest tax increase in New Jersey history.(The New York Times, 7/23/1990)


New Jerseyans already pay over $1.5 billion a year from tolls. (The Star Ledger, 3/3/2017)