Murphy’s Law In Action: Phil Murphy: We "Greatly Welcome" Higher Tolls, Fees, Turnpike Privatization

West Long Branch, NJ – Today, Kim Guadagno slammed Phil Murphy for saying “we greatly welcome" a report calling for higher tolls, fees and a plan to privatize the Turnpike.
"We are seeing Murphy's Law in action: any tax that can be raised, will be raised," explained Kim Guadagno. "First, Phil Murphy supported the gas tax increase I opposed. Then, he admitted he would raise taxes by at least $1.3 billion if elected. Now Phil Murphy says he welcomes a plan for more tolls, higher fees and a privatized Turnpike. Phil Murphy owes it to the people of New Jersey to explain why he thinks they can afford to pay more out of their pockets for more tolls and higher fees at the DMV.

Guadagno added, "New Jerseyans shouldn’t have to work harder and longer to send even more money to Trenton. After 23 years making millions at Goldman Sachs, Phil Murphy is wildly out-of-touch with the struggles everyday New Jerseyans face."
According to Politico, Former Governor Jim Florio authored a report with a liberal-leaning Think Tank which calls on New Jersey to "add tolls, raise fees to fund transportation projects." Privatizing the New Jersey Turnpike was a controversial idea proposed by former Goldman Sachs Governor Jon Corzine.
Phil Murphy's spokesman responded to the report by saying they "greatly welcome" these ideas.