The Cost Of Murphy’s Promises: $75 Billion

"Murphy making promises he likely can’t keep”
– Op-Ed: The Asbury Park Press, 10/2/2017


Single-Payer Healthcare

Cost: $68.5 billion

Pre-K To All Families

Cost: $600 million – $2 billion

Increase K-12 Education Spending

Cost: $1 billion

Increase Higher Education Spending

Cost: More than $430 million

Forgive Student Loan Debt

Cost: unknown

Tax Credits For Affordable Housing

Cost: $466 million

Increase Affordable Housing Funding

Cost: $23 million

Create A New Public Bank

Cost: unknown

Expand Earned Income Tax Credit

Cost: $70 million

Update Government Technology

Cost: Over $100 million

Emergency NJ Transit Funding

Cost: $300 million - $400 million

Fully Fund Pensions

Cost: $2.5 billion

Make New Jersey A Sanctuary State

Cost: unknown

Opioid TV Commercials… Starring Phil Murphy?

Cost: $15 million

Increase Open Space Funding

Cost: $20 million

Other Murphy Proposals

Cost: unknown



Other Murphy Proposals:

    •       "Providing student loan relief for STEM employees and incentivizing employer matches" (

    •       Creating a new state retirement plan for businesses (

    •       "repurposing foreclosed properties as affordable housing" (

    •       "Increase state funding for research and development" (

    •           "Provide affordable, high-speed internet for all New Jerseyans and configure public spaces to be digitally and   universally accessible" (