Salem County Republicans Back Kim Guadagno For Governor

The Salem County Republican Party today voted at its county convention to endorse Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor. As the Republican Party's official nominee for governor in Salem County, Guadagno has now secured the official Republican Party line on the June 6th primary ballot in six counties.

"Salem County Republicans know that Kim does more than just talk about helping South Jersey, she actually does it," said Chairman Fran Grenier. "She was a tough-as-nails prosecutor, an outstanding sheriff and a fighter for South Jersey jobs as lieutenant governor. We are proud to endorse her campaign because we know Kim Guadagno not only has what it takes to win in South Jersey and beat the Democrats in November, she will make New Jersey better."

"I have been in South Jersey one out of every three days since I've been lieutenant governor," said Kim Guadagno. "I am honored to have such strong support in South Jersey and as Salem County's Republican nominee for governor, I will continue to advocate for a full scale audit of Trenton, lower taxes for families and increased accountability through an independent attorney general."

Guadagno has earned the official Republican Party line on the ballot in Camden, Hudson, Ocean, Passaic, Salem and Warren counties. Since launching her campaign on January 17, over 300 Republican Party officials and local organizations from all 21 counties have endorsed Guadagno's campaign, which recently exceeded the $430,000 fundraising threshold to qualify for public matching funds.