Jack Ciattarelli Misfires With False Attack In Second GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate

Another Jack Attack: Ciattarelli Misfires And Falsely Claims Guadagno Voted To Increase Property Taxes By 10% As Monmouth Beach Commissioner...

Claim: Ciattarelli falsely claimed Guadagno voted to increase property taxes by 10% as Monmouth Beach commissioner.

BUT: The increases Ciattarelli cites are due to higher school taxes and tax increases at the county level, increases which Guadagno had no vote on or control over as a nonpartisan local commissioner in Monmouth Beach. (NJ Division of Taxation, Monmouth County General Tax Rates, 2005-2007) 

Fact: Guadagno served as a nonpartisan commissioner on the Borough of Monmouth Beach between 2005 and 2007. 

Fact: From 2005 to 2007, county and school taxes went up by over 10%. (NJ Division of Taxation, Monmouth County, 2005-2007) 

Fact: The effective tax rate on Monmouth Beach residents went down over Guadagno's terms as Monmouth Beach commissioner.

Monmouth Beach General Taxes (Source)


General Tax Rates 
(Local, County, School Taxes)

Effective Tax Rate











While Ciattarelli Falsely Claimed Guadagno Increased Taxes As A Local Official, Ciattarelli Supported Higher Taxes And Spending In Somerset County

Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase property taxes as Somerset County Freeholder and Raritan Borough Councilman. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets; Courier News, 5/9/1990; Star Ledger 3/26/2008)

  • "County taxes already are up slightly, about 2 percent" (Star Ledger 3/26/2008)
  • "the tax rate will rise by only three cents, or 5.3 percent" (Courier News, 5/9/1990)

Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase spending as a county freeholder and borough councilman, even voting to increase spending by 17% in just one year. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets; Courier News, 5/9/1990; Star Ledger, 3/28/2007)

  • "Somerset County spending will jump 13.5 percent this year as the county freeholders approved their 2007 operating budget last night" (Star Ledger, 3/28/2007)
  • "17% percent jump in the budget" (Courier News, 5/9/1990)
  • As a Raritan Borough councilman, Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase spending by 25%. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets)

Jack's 5-Point Plan Increases Income Taxes On New Jerseyans By $600 Million

Jack Ciattarelli’s plan calls for $600 million in higher income taxes. Jack’s plan calls for the creation of additional income tax brackets which would increase taxes on New Jerseyans by at least $600 million. (New Jersey Education Aid Blog, 1/6/2017)

  • "Q. Are tax increases part of the solution as well? A. Yes. My plan establishes two new tax rates" (NJ.com, 10/16/16)