High Tax Jack: Jack Ciattarelli's Record Of Higher Taxes And Spending

More often than not, Jack Ciattarelli agrees with Phil Murphy and the tax and spend Democrats. Republicans need a candidate for governor who will set the right priorities in Trenton to make our state more affordable by auditing Trenton, lowering taxes and creating jobs.

As An Assemblyman, Jack Ciattarelli Has Supported Higher Gas, Income And Sales Taxes

Jack Ciattarelli supported higher gas taxes. Before he decided to run for governor, Jack Ciattarelli supported an increase in the gas tax, forcing New Jerseyans to pay more at the pump. (NJ.com, 10/16/16)

  • "I suggested in 2012 that there should be a couple penny increase, maybe a nickel, and do that in 2013 and 2014 as well." (NJ.com, 10/16/16)

Jack Ciattarelli sided with Democrats and voted to expand the sales tax. Jack voted for a Democrat-sponsored bill which expanded the types of businesses that had to pay the sales tax. (A2003 of 2012, Jack voted yes.)

Jack Ciattarelli’s plan calls for $600 million in higher income taxes. Jack’s plan calls for the creation of additional income tax brackets which would increase taxes on New Jerseyans by at least $600 million. (New Jersey Education Aid Blog, 1/6/2017)

  • "Q. Are tax increases part of the solution as well? A. Yes. My plan establishes two new tax rates" (NJ.com, 10/16/16)

Jack Ciattarelli Supported Higher Taxes And Spending In Somerset County

Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase property taxes as Somerset County Freeholder and Raritan Borough Councilman. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets; Courier News, 5/9/1990; Star Ledger 3/26/2008)

  • "County taxes already are up slightly, about 2 percent" (Star Ledger 3/26/2008)
  • "the tax rate will rise by only three cents, or 5.3 percent" (Courier News, 5/9/1990)

Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase spending as a county freeholder and borough councilman, even voting to increase spending by 17% in just one year. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets; Courier News, 5/9/1990; Star Ledger, 3/28/2007)

  • "Somerset County spending will jump 13.5 percent this year as the county freeholders approved their 2007 operating budget last night" (Star Ledger, 3/28/2007)
  • "17% percent jump in the budget" (Courier News, 5/9/1990)
  • As a Raritan Borough councilman, Jack Ciattarelli voted to increase spending by 25%. (1990-1994 Raritan Borough Budgets)