Kim Guadagno Introduces Plan To Audit Trenton, Boost Accountability With Independent Attorney General

Today, Kim Guadagno released her plan to ‘Audit Trenton,’ the first part of a comprehensive plan to create a better, more affordable New Jersey. The proposal introduced by Guadagno includes measures to combat waste, boost accountability and increase efficiency in state government.

“To make New Jersey more affordable for everyday working families, we must first set better priorities in Trenton and ensure our government is accountable to the people,” said Kim Guadagno. “As governor, I will conduct a full-scale audit of Trenton and declare a war on waste in every corner of our government so we can pass on savings to the taxpayers.”

At $2 million per mile, New Jersey is one of the worst states for road construction costs. Additionally, New Jersey’s many transit boards and authorities means duplicative administration and higher overhead costs. By conducting a performance audit of state government operations, Guadagno will seek to eliminate redundancies, maximize efficiency and reduce costs for taxpayers.

As a part of his Governor’s Management Improvement Plan, Former Governor Kean conducted a similar audit of state government that identified an estimated $100 million dollars in savings for New Jersey taxpayers.

As a part of her plan, Guadagno says she would support the establishment of an independently-elected attorney general. Currently, New Jersey is one of only a few states that allows the governor to appoint the attorney general, who serves as the state’s top law enforcement officer.

“We must ensure that our state’s top law enforcement official is accountable only to the people of New Jersey,” added Guadagno. “By electing our state’s chief law enforcement officer, they will be empowered to root out corruption and abuse at all levels of government regardless of who the governor is at a given point in time.”

In the coming weeks and months, Guadagno will release additional aspects of her plan to create a better state, including proposals to cut taxes and improve the quality of life for everyday New Jerseyans. The full text of Kim’s ‘Audit Trenton’ plan is available here.