We Can Do Better

Too often, politicians in Trenton are in it for themselves. As governor, Kim will never forget she works for us – the people of New Jersey.

Cut Property Taxes Now

New Jersey's highest-in-the-nation property taxes are the leading reason so many of our neighbors and friends are choosing to leave our state and move to places like Pennsylvania, Texas and North Carolina. Young families are turned off from buying...

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Audit Trenton

Part 1 Of Kim’s Plan To Create A Better New Jersey Our neighbors are fleeing New Jersey because of excessive taxes and the sky high cost of living, yet our leaders in Trenton don’t seem to understand how dire the situation is for New Jersey famili...

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Improving Education

Improving New Jersey’s public school system is critical for student success and a brighter economic outlook for future generations. New Jersey is blessed with incredible parents, educators and institutions of learning, but too many students are gr...

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Growing Jersey Jobs

Since becoming the Garden State's first Lieutenant Governor in 2010, Kim has been working to cut government red tape, recruit new businesses and help existing businesses stay and grow in New Jersey.  Thanks to her efforts, New Jersey has added 278...

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