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Maggie’s List Proudly Endorses Kim Guadagno for Governor of New Jersey

The First Ever Endorsement of an Executive Statewide Candidate

VIDEO: Kim Guadagno Announces Carlos Rendo As Running Mate

Kim Guadagno Selects Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo As Running Mate

Rendo To Lead ‘Audit Trenton’ Strike Force, Help Lower Property Taxes As Lieutenant Governor

West Long Branch, NJ – Kim Guadagno today introduced Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo as her running mate and choice to serve as lieutenant governor of the State of New Jersey.

Statement On Murphy's Selection Of Sheila Oliver As Running Mate

"Nominating Sheila Oliver won’t hide the fact that Phil Murphy is an out-of-touch millionaire from Goldman Sachs who made millions in the lead up to the financial crisis that caused tens of thousands of New Jerseyans to lose their homes. And by selecting Sheila Oliver, it’s clear Phil Murphy has no plans to pull back on his plans to increase spending by $75 billion if elected and raise business, income, sales, property and death taxes to pay for it.” – Ricky Diaz, Guadagno Spokesman

Phil Murphy’s Promises Would Cost New Jersey Over $75 Billion

Murphy’s Tax And Spend Agenda Would Increase Taxes On Families And Businesses, Make New Jersey More Expensive

Kim Guadagno Releases Tax Returns, Challenges Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy To Publicly Release His

Kim Guadagno publicly released her 2016 federal and state income tax returns and challenged Phil Murphy to make eight years of his tax returns public. 

Kim Guadagno Rides NJ Transit, Releases Transportation and Transit Plan

On the first day of summer repairs to train lines to New York, Kim Guadagno rode the train from Summit to New York City and released her plan to fix transportation and transit in New Jersey.

Kim Guadagno: State Budget Spends Too Much, NJ Gets Too Little

West Long Branch, NJ – Today, Kim Guadagno released a video statement on social media in response to the state budget passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. 

Kim Guadagno Surpasses Fundraising Threshold To Qualify For Public Matching Funds

West Long Branch, NJ – Kim Guadagno's campaign for governor has raised more than $430,000 since winning the primary election, surpassing the threshold to qualify for 2:1 public matching funds from the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for the general election campaign.

Kim Guadagno: Put Horizon Bill Aside, Compromise To Lower Property Taxes Instead

West Long Branch, NJ – On day two of the state government shutdown, Kim Guadagno issued the following statement: