Phil Murphy’s Support For Single-Payer Will Raise Taxes, Hurt New Jerseyans

“It’s a ton of money, but we're going to have to do what it takes” – Phil Murphy


Government-Run Healthcare In Other States Failed Because Of High Costs

  • "California’s single-payer plan costs $400 billion — twice the state’s entire budget" (, 5/22/2017)
  • “A new outside analysis claims a “single payer” health system for California would cost $330 billion a year” (KQED News, 6/1/2017)
  • “Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan” (Boston Globe, 1/25/2015)
  • “To implement single-payer, the analysis showed, it would cost $4.3 billion in 2017” in Vermont (Boston Globe, 1/25/2015)


Single Payer Healthcare in New Jersey Could Cost As Much As $68.5 Billion

  • At A Conservative Estimate Of $330 Billion, Single-Payer Healthcare Would Cost $8,431 Per Resident In California
  • At $4.3 Billion, Single-Payer Healthcare Would Cost $6,868 Per Resident In Vermont
  • In 2016, Average Medicare Spending Was $10,855 Per Enrollee
  • In 2016, Average Medicaid Spending Was $7,680 Per Enrollee
  • If Single-Payer Healthcare Costs New Jersey An Average Of $7,649 Per Resident, It Would Cost Taxpayers $68.5 Billion