Phil Murphy’s Policies Will Increase Property Taxes

"Murphy Declines to Take Position on Police, Fire Salary Cap” – Observer NJ, 9/28/2017

Phil Murphy’s Policies Will Cause Property Taxes To Skyrocket Across New Jersey

  • Phil Murphy has refused to embrace an extension of the interest arbitration cap, which will force property taxes to skyrocket if allowed to expire. (Editorial: Asbury Park Press, 9/1/2017)
  • “Prior to any cap on property tax increases, average property tax increases statewide reached 7 percent in some years.” (Bergen Record, 8/29/2017)
  • “The arbitration cap, which limits to 2 percent the raises that police officers and firefighters can win once their contract disputes are taken to binding arbitration, was passed with broad bipartisan support in 2010 and extended in 2014.” (Bergen Record, 8/29/2017)
  • Phil Murphy to NJEA: "The notion of Chapter 78, first of all it's not something I ever would have encouraged, signed, and it's something I would never renew, period, full stop.” (NJEA, 9/12/2017)
  • Phil Murphy told the NJEA he opposes privatizing education support professionals (ESPs) like custodial and security personal, restricting a municipality’s ability to constrain costs. (NJEA, 9/12/2017)


Phil Murphy does not have a plan to lower property taxes:

  • To date, most of [Murphy's] proposals call for increasing spending... He has said nothing about actually reducing the tax burden... All those proposals will end up costing taxpayers more.” (Editorial: Asbury Park Press, 8/4/2017)
  • Phil Murphy said he will not renew Chapter 78, the bipartisan worker-benefits reform law passed in June of 2011 requiring workers to pay more for their health benefits, causing property taxes to skyrocket across New Jersey as “state and local governments could be forced to once again pick up more of the cost of their employees’ health benefits.” (NJEA, 9/12/2017; NJ Spotlight, 7/14/2015)


The arbitration cap saved New Jerseyans $3 billion on their property taxes since 2011. If not for the cap, property taxes would have increased 4% a year on average. (The Star Ledger, 9/29/2017)



Editorial Pages, Local Leaders Agree: Murphy Wrong On Arbitration Cap


Bergen Record: "Time for Murphy to support arbitration cap" (Editorial: Bergen Record, 9/28/2017) 


Bergen Record: "taxpayers cannot write blank checks for these services and Democrats cannot be allowed to dodge a hard decision." (Editorial: Bergen Record, 9/28/2017) 


The Star-Ledger: "Murphy needs to stop punting on property taxes" (Editorial: The Star Ledger, 10/1/2017)


The Star-Ledger: "Murphy is punting, folks. And that's a bad sign, one that shows how his romance with the public worker unions could prove costly to the rest of us." (Editorial: The Star Ledger, 10/1/2017) 


The Star-Ledger: Murphy "and the unions are playing the games this time." (Editorial: The Star Ledger, 10/1/2017) 


Michael Darcy of the state League of Municipalities: "Without the interest arbitration cap, the math simply does not work... It has been proven to be an effective control on the rate of property tax increases, which remain the number-one concern of our taxpayers. Now is certainly not the time to turn back the clock." (Asbury Park Press, 10/1/2017) 


Asbury Park Press: "Murphy’s arbitration cap copout" (Editorial: Asbury Park Press, 9/1/2017)


Asbury Park Press: "Murphy is taking the coward’s way out, ducking for cover behind the task force to avoid saying what he’s likely thinking, that he plans to reward those unions for their support by dumping the cap." (Editorial: Asbury Park Press, 9/1/2017)


Declan O’Scanlon: "Mark my words; if the cap isn’t permanently extended taxpayers will unquestionably face much more dramatic property tax increases and cuts to municipal services."