Phil Murphy Partnered With Hollywood Serial-Predator Harvey Weinstein To Raise Big Money For Democrats, His Campaign For NJ Governor

“As governor, I will never put politics ahead of women's health and equality.”
– Phil Murphy

Connections Include Recent “Top-Secret” Meeting In Weinstein’s Manhattan Office To Boost Murphy’s Campaign Fundraising

5 Days After Bombshell Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge, Murphy Hasn’t Condemned Fundraising Partner Weinstein, Nor Called On DNC To Return All Donations


“As the Democratic Party’s top fundraiser, Phil Murphy partnered with Hollywood serial predator Harvey Weinstein to raise big money for President Obama, Democrats and the DNC. In turn, he was awarded with a plush appointment as an ambassador to Germany. He even turned to Weinstein in secret a few weeks ago to help fund his campaign for New Jersey Governor. Murphy claims to have the backs of women in New Jersey, but his silence in the face of sexual harassment allegations against his friend Weinstein shows that with Phil Murphy, it’s all about the money.” – Dave Huguenel, Guadagno Campaign Manager 

From 2006-2009, Murphy served as finance chair for the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party's top finance job, under Howard Dean. (Source)

Murphy had a “top-secret” meeting with Hollywood Serial Predator Harvey Weinstein in August, weeks before bombshell abuse and harassment allegations were detailed against Weinstein by the New York Times. (PageSix, 8/24/2017)

  • “Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades” (The New York Times, 10/5/2017) 
  • “Harvey Weinstein had a top-secret meeting on Thursday, sources said, with Phil Murphy — the Democratic favorite to succeed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.” (PageSix, 8/24/2017)
  • The meeting occurred “in Tribeca at the Greenwich Street offices that house De Niro and Weinstein’s film companies.” (PageSix, 8/24/2017)

The meeting was to discuss “an endorsement and fundraising help” from Weinstein for Murphy’s gubernatorial campaign. (PageSix, 8/24/2017)

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) still hasn’t returned or donated all of Hollywood Serial-Predator Harvey Weinstein’s donations. 

  • “DNC Manages to Screw Up Returning Harvey Weinstein Donations”(Observer, 10/9/2017)
  • "The RNC cited that Weinstein has given around $300,000 to the DNC, and over $1.2 million to Democratic politicians and political groups over the last three decades." (Observer, 10/9/2017)
  • "The DNC, however, opted to donate only $30,000 of the money they received from Weinstein." (Observer, 10/9/2017)
  • "Additionally, the organization will be donating to other political groups instead of charities.” (Observer, 10/9/2017)
  • “By donating only 10 percent of their donations to political organizations, Democrats are doing the least amount possible. The DNC is also avoiding directly denouncing Weinstein and trying to convert the scandal into an attack on Republicans by touting a “have you seen the other guys?” defense.” (Observer, 10/9/2017)

Phil Murphy claims to have the back of women in New Jersey, but he has not publicly condemned Weinstein, nor demanded the DNC return all of the Weinstein money (Twitter, Accessed 10/10/2017)

The DNC has accepted around $300,000 from Hollywood Serial-Predator Harvey Weinstein, including thousands when Murphy served as finance chair.

Murphy was a top donor to former President Barack Obama, who rewarded Murphy with an Ambassadorship (Vox, 6/6/2017)

"Weinstein was a bundler for Obama as well." (CNN10/10/2017)

Murphy was “among the top fundraisers for former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.” (The Star Ledger, 8/12/2016)

Weinstein "was a bundler for Clinton's 2016 effort, including at a star-studded fundraiser for Clinton in June 2016 at Weinstein's Manhattan home. Clinton personally headlined multiple fundraisers Weinstein was involved in organizing during the campaign." (CNN10/10/2017)