LD39 Legislators Endorse Kim Guadagno for Governor

Senator Gerald Cardinale, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi and Assemblyman Robert Auth today announced their endorsement of Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor. Cardinale, Schepisi and Auth represent Legislative District 39, which includes portions of Bergen and Passaic counties, and cited Guadagno's plan to cut property taxes and audit Trenton to eliminate waste and improve government services such as NJ Transit in their endorsement.

"With 11 days until the June 6th primary, our campaign is gaining momentum because we have the right plan to make New Jersey more affordable by lowering taxes," said Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. "These endorsements represent the growing and strong enthusiasm for our campaign in North Jersey because voters believe like I do that one party rule in Trenton will mean higher taxes and massive spending increases we can't afford."

"Kim Guadagno will stand up for lower taxes in Trenton and set the right priorities to make our state better for middle class families," said Senator Gerald Cardinale. "For eight years, I have witnessed Kim's dedication to New Jersey as lieutenant governor as she worked tirelessly to create jobs. From lowering property taxes to fixing our school funding formula, she has a firm grasp on the issues and knows exactly what it will take to improve the quality of life of our citizens."

"Our next governor has to make fixing NJTransit a priority, and Kim has laid out a plan to take the politics out of transportation funding and give New Jerseyans the world class network we deserve. She will also listen to the concerns of North Jersey residents who are concerned about affordable housing and set a rational policy for the state that puts affordable housing where it is most needed," said Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi. "As lieutenant governor, Kim has been accessible to lawmakers and the people of New Jersey, bringing a customer service mentality to her day-to-day job. She has even given her personal cell phone number out to thousands of New Jerseyans to help them with problems. As governor, she will bring that attitude to all corners of state government."

"Bergen and Passaic counties win big under Kim Guadagno's plan to cut property taxes," said Assemblyman Robert Auth. "She steadfastly opposed the gas tax increase and is the only candidate who hasn't proposed a plan to increase taxes if elected. In the final weeks of the primary election, we will work together to get out the vote for Kim in LD39 because New Jersey can't afford to let the Democrats take full control of Trenton to implement their tax and spend agenda."

Following the final GOP primary debate, Guadagno announced the endorsement of all 7 Republican mayors in Bergen County's 38th legislative district.