Kim Guadagno Wins First Debate

Kim Guadagno demonstrated why she's the best person to lead New Jersey as governor, leaders from across New Jersey said following the first Republican gubernatorial debate held Tuesday at Stockton University.

Joe Piscopo: "Tonight, Kim had a stand out debate performance, and her passion for New Jersey and our people clearly showed. From her knowledge about the economy to her plan to reduce property taxes, Kim is by far the strongest candidate to win in November."

Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon: "I like Jack Ciattarelli, but Kim Guadagno has the right plan and vision to create a better New Jersey. She understands we need to cut taxes and boost accountability in Trenton, and offers the clearest contrast to Phil Murphy and the tax and spend Democrats in November."

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian: "Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno has always been a great friend to Atlantic City, Atlantic County, and to all of South Jersey. She has a proven track record of helping to grow New Jersey's economy and bringing good paying jobs to New Jersey. She should be supported by all South Jersey Republicans. In contrast, any candidate who supports North Jersey casinos and higher taxes should not be supported by South Jersey Republicans."

Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown: "Property taxes, property taxes, property taxes. Tonight’s debate proved that Kim Guadagno is the only candidate with a detailed plan to deliver immediate property tax relief to middle class New Jerseyans. She clearly articulated her vision to create a better state by lowering taxes and auditing Trenton, and I think it’s pretty easy for Republicans to imagine Kim Guadagno behind the Governor's desk making the tough decisions to block the Democrat’s tax and spend agenda."