Jack Ciattarelli's First Debate Mishaps

Fact checking the first debate...

"Like a typical Trenton politician, Jack Ciattarelli used the first GOP gubernatorial debate to mislead voters about his true intentions and his plans if he is elected governor. He falsely claimed his plan doesn't raise income taxes on New Jerseyans and it seems his position on North Jersey casinos changes depending on what side of I-195 he's on at the time. It just underscores the fact that Kim Guadagno is the only candidate in this race who has promised not to raise taxes and will create a better New Jersey." – Dave Huguenel, Guadagno campaign manager

Higher Taxes

CLAIM: "My plan would not raise anyone's overall tax bill" (Stockton University GOP Debate, 14:00)

FACT: Jack’s 5-point plan calls for the creation of additional income tax brackets which would increase taxes on New Jerseyans by at least $600 million. (New Jersey Education Aid Blog, 1/6/2017)

In a Q&A with the Star-Ledger, Jack Ciattarelli explains how his plan will increase taxes on New Jerseyans by creating two new tax brackets. (NJ.com, 10/16/16)

Q. Are tax increases part of the solution as well?

A. Yes. My plan establishes two new tax rates at the highest levels, and closes loopholes that allow corporations to avoid taxes. I believe my plan overall will stimulate the economy.


North Jersey Casinos

CLAIM: Jack in South Jersey: "There should not be North Jersey casinos" (Stockton University GOP Debate, 48:30)

FACT: Jack in North Jersey: “I support casinos in North Jersey” (Bergen Record, 4/25/2017)


Medical Marijuana

CLAIM: "So to be clear, I am for the expansion of medicinal marijuana... I am for the decriminalization of marijuana in the cases of recreational use possession..." (Stockton University GOP Debate, 43:00)

FACT: Jack Ciattarelli voted against the decriminalization of marijuana under 15g in the legislature (A1465 of 2012, Jack voted no)

FACT: Jack Ciattarelli voted against the expansion of New Jersey's medical marijuana law (A4537 of 2013, Jack voted no)