Kim Guadagno Releases Tax Returns, Challenges Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy To Publicly Release His

Kim Guadagno publicly released her 2016 federal and state income tax returns and challenged Phil Murphy to make eight years of his tax returns public. 

Every year as lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno has posted her tax returns online. You can view eight years of her tax returns here

"I have posted my tax returns publicly for years, but as he runs away from his record on Wall Street, Phil Murphy has refused to make his public," said Kim Guadagno. "The people of New Jersey deserve to know what Goldman Sachs millionaire Phil Murphy is hiding, especially since he made over $7 million in 2015 alone through huge international investment deals without putting in a day's worth of work.”

According to WNYC, "Virtually all of Murphy's millions in income come from a dizzying array of investments." Yet reporters were only given two hours to review hundreds of pages of complex returns and were not allowed to take photos or make copies of documents for further analysis.

The Star Ledger reported that Goldman Sachs under Phil Murphy invested in a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer "known for exploiting workers throughout Asia." Murphy was also attacked by his fellow Democrats for flip flopping on the environment because of his investments in energy and fracking companies.

By refusing to make his tax returns public, the people of New Jersey and members of the press are blocked from learning more about his overseas investments, possible use of tax havens and shell companies, as well as other potential conflicts.

Today, Guadagno's campaign also launched an online petition so New Jerseyans can urge Phil Murphy to make his tax returns public.