Growing Jersey Jobs

Since becoming the Garden State's first Lieutenant Governor in 2010, Kim has been working to cut government red tape, recruit new businesses and help existing businesses stay and grow in New Jersey.  Thanks to her efforts, New Jersey has added 278,000 net new private sector jobs and more than 100,000 new businesses have filed paperwork to setup shop across our state in 2016 alone. Kim has worked collaboratively with the business community to cut the number of pages of state regulations in half. While New Jersey's economy has improved and become more responsive to the business community, we can and must do better.

Kim understands that to truly unleash New Jersey's economy, our leaders in Trenton must get serious about lowering the tax burden on families while fostering a more welcoming, customer-friendly environment for businesses. Growing our economy also includes revitalizing our urban areas to attract jobs and a young, educated workforce, investing in new technologies and start ups, and expanding our state's manufacturing base.

Become More Military And Veteran-friendly

New Jersey is home to more than 420,000 veterans and the military directly or indirectly supports 73,000 local jobs, adding $6.5 billion to our state’s GDP. Kim understands that our military personnel and veterans are a vital part of New Jersey’s economic and cultural fabric – her son is a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Kim will strengthen our state’s commitment to the military and our veterans to help strengthen our communities. As the head of the Military Growth Task Force, Kim played a pivotal role in winning the award of KC46As to the Joint Base that virtually guarantees the bases' vitality for decades to come.   A Guadagno administration will be committed to protecting our state's military installations, connecting veterans with jobs and make it easier for military families to call New Jersey home.

Promote Travel and Tourism

As Secretary of State, Kim has been in charge of promoting New Jersey's $40 billion travel and tourism industry, overseeing a large increase in tourism spending and visitation. Continuing efforts to expand and diversify New Jersey’s travel and tourism industry will create thousands of new jobs.

Implement Transportation Solutions

Instead of massive gas tax hikes and toll increases, New Jersey must develop a sustainable, long-term infrastructure plan to fund our state's urgent infrastructure needs.