While Phil Murphy Hasn’t Really Thought About It, Kim Guadagno Releases Ethics Plan For New Jersey

West Long Branch, NJ – While Phil Murphy hasn’t given ethics much thought this election, Kim Guadagno has.
Guadagno today released a plan to change the way Trenton works by strengthening ethics and transparency rules. Guadagno, a former corruption and organized crime prosecutor, released her plan as the federal bribery and corruption trial for Senator Bob Menendez is underway in Newark, and after Phil Murphy said, “I haven’t really thought about” whether Senator Bob Menendez should resign if convicted.
“For far too long, New Jersey politicians have put special interests and their personal ambitions ahead of the people of New Jersey, and it’s clear Phil Murphy is a part of the problem,” said Kim Guadagno. “He hasn't released a plan to lower property taxes. He hasn't formed an opinion on the interest arbitration cap that's set to expire. Now he doesn’t have an opinion on whether New Jersey should be represented in the U.S. Senate by a felon if convicted. It seems the only thing Phil Murphy has thought about is raising taxes on New Jerseyans, which he has promised to do if elected governor.”
Guadagno added, “While Phil Murphy will continue business as usual in Trenton, my administration will put people before politics and bring a new era of ethics and transparency to the State House.”
This week, Phil Murphy told reporters, “I haven’t really thought about” whether Senator Bob Menendez should resign if convicted of bribery and corruption charges.

Since 2006, Phil and Tammy Murphy have contributed over $10,000 to Senator Bob Menendez, New Jersey’s highest-ranking Democrat. Despite a contested primary, Menendez endorsed Phil Murphy’s campaign for governor in January of 2017.

Contributor Name Recipient Receipt Date Amount
Murphy, Philip D Menendez for Senate 3/21/17 $2,700.00
Murphy, Philip D Menendez for Senate 5/25/16 $2,700.00
Murphy, Philip D Menendez for Senate 10/12/06 $2,100.00
Murphy, Tammy Menendez for Senate 3/21/17 $2,700.00
Source: FEC.gov