Chairman of the Essex County Latino Chamber Endorses Kim Guadagno

John Sanchez, chairman of the Essex County Latino Chamber of Commerce, today personally endorsed Kim Guadagno for governor citing her commitment to the Hispanic community and helping small businesses start up and grow in New Jersey.

Sanchez announced his endorsement during a downtown visit to Newark businesses on the second day of Guadagno’s “Main Street, Not Wall Street” tour. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that Kim Guadagno will help strengthen the Hispanic community and Hispanic businesses in New Jersey as governor because she has done it over the past eight years as lieutenant governor,” said Sanchez. “She cares about Hispanic families and small businesses being able afford to stay in New Jersey, and her plan to cut property taxes will help ease the burden on families squeezed by our state’s high cost of living.”

Sanchez added, “She has helped our members with problems big and small, so if there’s anyone who can make New Jersey more affordable, it’s her.”

“In New Jersey, our diversity is our strength,” Guadagno explained. “I believe we have an obligation to provide all our kids with a first rate education, to protect our environment, to create good-paying jobs, to provide healthcare for the most vulnerable and to assure the rights of everyone no matter their ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation. This campaign is about making New Jersey better for everyone by making it more affordable, and that's the mind-set that I’ll bring to the Governor’s office.”

After winning the New Jersey gubernatorial primary, Kim Guadagno said she would fight for Main Street values as governor and pledged to cut property taxes in her first term – or she will not run for re-election. Guadagno's plan would impose a property tax 'circuit breaker' to limit school taxes to no more than five percent of household income, saving middle class families up to $3,000. To learn more about Guadagno's plan, click here.

Guadagno kicked off the ‘Main Street, Not Wall Street’ tour yesterday by holding a kitchen roundtable discussion on affordability in Burlington County, then rallied union members of IBEW Local 102 in Morris County. You can watch video clips from the rally here and here.