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Auditing Trenton. Lowering property taxes. Creating opportunity. Our campaign for a better New Jersey starts with you.

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As a military mom, former prosecutor and the Garden State's first Lieutenant Governor, Kim has been fighting for a better New Jersey.

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New Jersey's problems will never be solved if we leave it up to the Trenton insiders, special interests and liberal elite. New Jersey deserves better.


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Kim is focused on reaching out to real New Jerseyans and solving problems.

In The News

Sheila Oliver Visited “Sanctuary State” Of Cuba, Failed To Bring Joanne Chesimard Home To Face Justice

After murdering a NJ State Trooper, Chesimard has found sanctuary from prosecution in Cuba since 1984: ”The first woman on the FBI's list of the most wanted terrorists, Chesimard escaped from prison and fled to Cuba after being sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1973 murder of New Jersey State Police Trooper Werner Foerster during a gunfight after she and other members of the Black Liberation Army were stopped by State Police on the New Jersey Turnpike. Now known as Assata Olugbala Shaku, Chesimard has lived in Cuba since 1984." (The Star Ledger, 6/20/2017)

Murphy Running Mate’s Disturbing Anti-Israel Views

“Phil Murphy should follow the lead of other Democrats and remove Sheila Oliver from his ticket for her anti-Israel views and support of the BDS movement. Boycotting Israel, one of New Jersey’s closest cultural and economic partners, is unacceptable and those views do not belong in the State House or even on a major Party ticket.” – Ricky Diaz, Guadagno Spokesman 

Phil Murphy Refused To Embrace Tax Credits For Amazon

“For Phil Murphy to accept millions in state incentives while working at Goldman Sachs and to now refuse to back tax credits to recruit Amazon's new headquarters and bring 50,000 jobs to New Jersey is liberal hypocrisy at its finest. He’s already given Amazon 1.3 billion reasons not to come to New Jersey with his proposed tax hike. Instead of putting a $9 billion investment and 50,000 good-paying jobs at risk, Phil Murphy should stop playing politics and back bipartisan efforts to attract this innovative company to New Jersey.” – Ricky Diaz, Guadagno spokesman

On the Issues

Lowering property taxes. Growing Jersey jobs. Improving education. Kim understands that we can and must do better so families and businesses stay and thrive in New Jersey.

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