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Auditing Trenton. Lowering property taxes. Creating opportunity. Our campaign for a better New Jersey starts with you.

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As a military mom, former prosecutor and the Garden State's first Lieutenant Governor, Kim has been fighting for a better New Jersey.

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New Jersey's problems will never be solved if we leave it up to the Trenton insiders, special interests and liberal elite. New Jersey deserves better.


From making phone calls to hosting Kim for a meet and greet in your neighborhood, your efforts will make a difference!

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Kim is focused on reaching out to real New Jerseyans and solving problems.

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Final Debate Shows Kim Guadagno Is Fighting For Middle Class, Phil Murphy Is Out-Of-Touch

Last night, Kim Guadagno and Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy faced off in the last gubernatorial debate scheduled before the November election. Phil Murphy continued to promise billions in increased spending, but dodged questions on how he will pay for it. The debate was further proof Phil Murphy is the biggest liberal our state has ever seen—his spending is reckless and wrong.

Murphy-Oliver "don't think it's time to commit" to deal to bring Amazon, 50,000 jobs to New Jersey

"For Phil Murphy to accept millions in state incentives while working at Goldman Sachs and to now refuse to back tax credits to recruit Amazon's new headquarters and bring 50,000 jobs to New Jersey is liberal hypocrisy at its finest.” – Guadagno Spokesman Ricky Diaz 

Kim Guadagno Calls On Phil Murphy To Release His “Very Credible Plan” To Fully Fund Pensions

West Long Branch, NJ – “During the first gubernatorial debate, Phil Murphy said he had a ‘very credible plan’ to fund the pensions, but he wouldn’t tell us what it is. I call on him to release his secret pension plan before our final debate tomorrow night.” – Kim Guadagno

On the Issues

Lowering property taxes. Growing Jersey jobs. Improving education. Kim understands that we can and must do better so families and businesses stay and thrive in New Jersey.

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