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As a military mom, former prosecutor and the Garden State's first Lieutenant Governor, Kim has been fighting for a better New Jersey.

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New Jersey's problems will never be solved if we leave it up to the Trenton insiders, special interests and liberal elite. New Jersey deserves better.


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Kim is focused on reaching out to real New Jerseyans and solving problems.

In The News

Kim Guadagno Endorsed By Monmouth County Republican Party

The Monmouth County Republican Party voted at their convention Saturday to endorse Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor and award her the official Republican party line on the June 6th primary ballot. Guadagno, who lives in Monmouth Beach and served as Monmouth County's first female sheriff from 2008-2010, now has the official Republican Party line or slogan in three of the four most Republican counties in New Jersey: Monmouth, Ocean and Morris. 

PolitickerNJ: Guadagno Crushes GOP Field in Bergen Screening

Trifecta of good news for the LG capped by huge win in North Jersey -- Article originally appeared in PolitickerNJ.

Super Bowl Champ And Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown Endorses Kim Guadagno

Today, Mayor Randy Brown and the members of the Evesham Township Council – Deputy Mayor Steven Zeuli, Councilwoman Debbie Hackman, Councilman Kenneth D'Andrea and Councilman Robert Dienna – endorsed Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor. Evesham Township is the largest town in Burlington County.

Cumberland County GOP Awards Official Ballot Line To Kim Guadagno

At their county convention Thursday evening, the Cumberland County Republican Party unanimously voted to award the official Republican line on the June 6th primary ballot to Kim Guadagno. 

Momentum Continues As Guadagno Announces Key Morris County Support

Kim Guadagno today announced the personal endorsements from key Morris County leaders as her campaign for governor continues to pick up steam across New Jersey. Guadagno’s campaign has also been awarded the use of the official Morris County Republican Party slogan on the June 6th primary ballot.

Kim Guadagno Welcomes Latest Jobs Report, Releases Online Ad: "My Job"

After new data showed 2016 was the best year for job growth in New Jersey since 2000, the Guadagno campaign released a web video highlighting the lieutenant governor's work over the past seven years to create jobs and grow the economy in New Jersey.

Cape May County Republican Convention Votes To Endorse Kim Guadagno, Securing Seventh Ballot Line

Cape May County Republicans voted during their county convention Monday evening to endorse Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor, securing the official Republican Party ballot line for the lieutenant governor in seven counties.

Salem County Republicans Back Kim Guadagno For Governor

The Salem County Republican Party today voted at its county convention to endorse Kim Guadagno for New Jersey governor. As the Republican Party's official nominee for governor in Salem County, Guadagno has now secured the official Republican Party line on the June 6th primary ballot in six counties.

Camden County Republicans Award Official Primary Ballot Line To Kim Guadagno

Kim Guadagno today secured a fifth county party line after the Camden County Republican Committee unanimously endorsed her campaign for governor.

Kim Guadagno Earns Official Republican Party Line In Ocean and Passaic Counties

Kim Guadagno today received the endorsement of the Ocean and Passaic County Republican organizations, bringing the total number of official Republican Party ballot lines awarded to the lieutenant governor to four.

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Lowering property taxes. Growing Jersey jobs. Improving education. Kim understands that we can and must do better so families and businesses stay and thrive in New Jersey.

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